Kevi's Treats. Because grandma doesn't deliver.

Live a little. Or live a lot.

Kevi's Treats. Home baked treats-freshly made and delivered to your door. 

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Kids Cook With Kevi- June Edition

Kids Cook With Kevi- June Edition

Kevi's Treats June Kid's Cooking Class was a great success!! The kids had so much fun learning how to make sloppy joe sliders, french fries, corn &...
Looking For A New Twist on Birthday Parties?

Looking For A New Twist on Birthday Parties?

If you are looking to host a party for yourself, or for your child's upcoming birthday, pair up with Kevi's Treats to help throw a unique fun birth...
Mothers & Daughters Brunch!

Mothers & Daughters Brunch!

Kevi's Treats next event is a brunch designed specifically for mothers and daughters. Mother's day is right around the corner so there is no better...


Sometimes, nothing can cure my day except a guilty pleasure from Kevi's Treats. 

Stephanie Cusano

You count calories. I'm going to count all the ones you're missing.

Kim Delaney

There's dessert, and then there's Kevi's Treats. I prefer Kevi's Treats. 

Tiffany Simmons