Kevi's Treats. Because grandma doesn't deliver.

The woman behind Kevi's Treats

Shankevia Dean, M.S.W., is an educator and entrepreneur with a passion for cooking and baking. As Principal of Kevi's Treats, LLC, a rapidly growing home baked goods company with roots in Syracuse, New York, she is the sole owner, and responsible for all facets of the business. Torn between her passion for cooking and her passion for working with youth; she incorporated both into her business model and now offers therapeutic cooking classes for minors, in addition to a full offering of adult cooking classes & kids cooking classes. Her ultimate goal is to open a retail location in 2017 while expanding her ability to reach more children through therapeutic cooking courses. Often asked for her recipes and cooking secrets, "Kevi," started her adult cooking classes as a way to not only broaden her cooking skills, but also as a way to interact with her closest followers.