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Kid's Cooking Class Series: Why Manners Matter

As our first kids cooking class is fastly approaching we want to remind you that our kids classes will include more than just learning how to cook and bake. We will be teaching the kids about table manners, place settings, etiquette, and restaurants. We think it is important that the kids leave the class not only learning now skills but also having more knowledge about eating properly. Having this type of knowledge can benefit them for a lifetime!
Here are some important reasons why manners matter!
  • Not using proper manners can result in the spread of germs and illness.
  • Eating casually from a package, or in a car, decreases our satisfaction with meals and makes us want to eat more.
  • Eating from a plate, at a table, allows us to regulate portion size — both for ourselves and for our kids.
  • Eliminating electronics during meals makes us eat with more awareness. When we pay attention to our food, we are more likely to enjoy it. 
  • If there are no electronics during a meal, you and your family will talk to each other. It’s true! And these frequent, casual conversations form the roots of important and protective relationships.
  • Data suggest that eating meals as a family reduces risk-taking behaviors in teenagers.
  • When children learn to eat with good manners, they will be less likely to offend, and more likely to impress, when they find themselves in pivotal social situations later on.


We hope that your kids are able to join us for one of our kids cooking classes. Do not forget out first class is FEBRUARY 25TH, next dates are March 25th and April 15th 

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